scrub up

ok, I spend a lot, repeat A LOT of time at ‘the doctor’; either specialist offices (ent, endo, chiro, etc) pharmacies, hospitals, family/primary care, urgent care, labs, x-rays, emergency rooms .. been there done it. K?

Now, if your scrubs can’t hide how omg-hawt you are, I can maintain eye contact, but I will NOT be able to repeat any instructions. Sorry. Can’t do it. Been single too long. I’ll have to write it down or something.

Oh, you printed it out for me? aww thanks ..wait, uh, so, ummm….then you know you’re omg-hawt?


Posted on May 11, 2010, in Eye Candy, healthcare. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. LOL, I can imagine that she is very well aware. 😀

  2. And I’ve seen quite a few hotties of both genders in scrubs, I might add…

  3. what’s really annoying is that many jobs within the med community keep people from wearing rings so its sometimes difficult to determine who is married and off limits.

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