rally rules

ok not much of a turnout for the rallies ? I didn’t attend due to some family business that was scheduled poorly, so I don’t know much about what happened beyond a few pics on the web.

I have had some experience with organizing fund raiser type events though. Here’s a few tips from Mulligan for the next go ’round.

1 – Calendar — if you want salt of the earth upstanding family types to attend your rally…. have it in the summer when school is out. Preferably on a LONG WEEKEND. I’m not a big fan of statistics and such but I’ll go out on a limb and say a high percentage of ‘working folks’ have kids in school and jobs. Planning your rally in the summer vacation window is probably going to allow more families to attend. Fourth of July weekend perhaps? Taking the kids out of school and taking time off work…not a good combo.

2 – Map — Location, location, location. I know DC is on the east coast, but its a long drive for folks who don’t live in the area. Have you tried traveling across 6 or 7 state lines with your guns? It ain’t easy to do and stay legal. The more hassle to travel the fewer attendees. Easy math. Especially when your friendlies seem to be in the western part of the country.

3 – Recruiting — I know there aren’t very many friendly media types for any conservative cause, but there are some and getting the friendlies to do pre-event interviews would help get the word out. I think with a year to prep, we could have gotten more exposure prior to the event. Prior being the keyword.. you don’t want the press putting mics in the faces of people who just joined today.

4 – Publicity — Having fliers and printed statements at the event would go a long way to showing unity and while it tends to add to the trash, it can cut down a bit on the wild card type statements to reporters.

5 – Nuts — Gonna have ’em. Can’t avoid ’em. Best you can do is have enough normals the nuts are lost in the herd. You can pre-screen attendees to some extent if you require membership in an organization. You can still allow ‘walk-ons’ to attend but if official members all have matching t’s or hats you can tell at a glance which is which. Media probably can’t/won’t but no loss.


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