more internet security fraud

Trend Micro charged my account today.

Not for the discounted renewal price advertised on their website…

Not for the discounted renewal price given to customers with auto-renewal (which is more than the advertised price)

They charged me for the full price.

this is a problem

see, last year I canceled auto-renewal. After receiving the auto renewal notice for this year I went back through my archived emails and found the email dated 4/1/2009 that states:

As you requested, we terminated automatic renewal of your subscription

I also called them Monday, as I stated in my previous post, because I received an auto-renewal notice. The result of Monday’s call was unsatisfactory and I’m pretty sure the idiot customer non-service rep was informed that I was no longer doing business with Trend Micro.

I’m pretty sure,  because, y’know, I was there, m’kay, and I heard all the words coming out of my mouth.


I canceled it. .. They ignored me

When I got an email notice that they were going to do it anyway I tried to cancel it again. … They ignored me.

I got charged anyway…. overcharged in fact. Apparently for my own good.

how very governmental big business has become


Posted on March 26, 2010, in customer service. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. They had their chance; don’t bother calling them again. Instead, call your credit card’s bank and have them cancel the charge. In the credit card merchant account world this is known as a “chargeback” and typically carries a $25 fee to the merchant on top of the refund to you. If Trend Micro disputes the chargeback (unlikely) you have the email proof.

  2. yeah got all that in the works .. CC co. said give it a week to play out.

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