Moron-Meter 3/5/10

had some nice conversations with some people in the VA pharmacy system this week

for years now they’ve been putting my insulin in the mailbox …
– the same mailbox that is 100 deg F on the OUTSIDE …ALL SUMMER LONG.
– the same insulin that says clearly on the label: KEEP IN A COOL PLACE

late last fall they began sending it in insulated boxes and will now only ship it if you’ve called in and scheduled a delivery date to ensure you’re home.

because it probably shouldn’t be setting outside in the 40 degree heat y’know

They also:
– will not give you the number to call in order to schedule a delivery,
– cannot ship insulin out on Fridays
– will not notify you that they need a special delivery scheduled,
– will not notify you that, contrary to your doctor’s orders, your insulin is sitting on the shelf and will not be delivered without you calling the number you don’t know and scheduling the special delivery you didn’t know you needed.

in other news, the term ‘Fucktard’ should probably get more use.

-they will call you and ask you repeated questions in order to establish your own blame in the matter.
-they will argue with you when you accuse them of passing blame and/or refuse to take the blame.

special note: If English is not your native language, you are going to have to work pretty hard to defeat me in any kind of linguistic debate in English. Please come armed with more than “that’s not what I said”, because my short term memory is pretty accurate.

My pharmacy deliveries (yep plural) showed up this week ..
The first one showed up on Tuesday …
(the same Tuesday I told them I would NOT be home.)
The second one showed up on Wednesday …

why there were two separate deliveries?
the answer to this is only known to those who work for the government.
if you are one of these people and know the answer, well then my roomie (who works nights and sleeps days) would like to discuss it with you.


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