who’s rights?

I am sick and tired of the phrase “I’m fighting for my rights!”

If you want to fight for your rights, you lazy, selfish, hypocrite, go right ahead. Where were you when MY rights were infringed?

I’m fighting for everyone’s rights. Lead, follow or get out of the way, but until you realize it’s not just about YOU, we will fail. I’m not talking about this movement or that movement …. I’m talking about society. WE WILL FAIL.

You have a voice and a responsibility to use it EVERY time. Not just when it is convenient or just when it affects you. You should speak out for your community and ALL the people in it; not just the people you know or the people you like.


Posted on February 2, 2010, in politics. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Our Constitution protects our rights but moreso protects the rights of the individual. Thus the term I am fighting for my rights’ is oft times spoken. In truth, when you fight for your own rights, at least in the USA, you are by the nature of our Constitution fighting for the same rights for all individuals or for our rights whether you realize it or not. Quite the conundrum.

  2. I’m mad at the people who won’t get off their ass. Not only will they not help a neighbor in his fight, they don’t even realize its not his fight/my fight, its all the same fight. They are going to sit in front of the TV until their own door gets kicked in and THEN they’ll scream for help fighting for their rights.

  3. Got ya! I know the type. They will miss what we ahve when they no longer have it or only value it when when they are about to lose it.

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