atf did what?

I can’t sell or buy a gun now?

why does the gov even print money? I can’t sell my own property and I can’t be trusted to spend it wisely so they tax me and do it for me?

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Dustin’s Gun Blog

Sipsy Street

APD and the ATF have no statutory authority to threaten Darwin and order him around like they did. Two of Darwin’s biggest vendors canceled and he expects attendance to be down by over 50% next month. This guy needs our support. He is a 2nd Amendment supporter and is running a family business. The ATF and APD are basically destroying his business with their unlawful “suggestions”. Nothing that he is doing is illegal. He is not charged with any crime, but the police are unlawfully threatening outside a court to literally shut down his business unless he does what they want.

So, there’s no CRIME in Austin ? .. the PD has time to harass legit business owners?

What’s next? You can’t read that newspaper here sir? You can’t vote here?

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