OC = open carry

there’s a conversation over at say uncle about OC and problems that involve it.

I think if there were more OC’rs there would be more public awareness of the legalities of it and there would be less reaction to it as more people become desensitized. People react to things that are RARE.. not things that happen 40 times a day.

I think the solution is for anyone who wants to OC to come out of the closet. Don’t hide who you are!! BE who you want to be. Walk out in front of friends neighbors and strangers with your hands in the air and head held high. Look people in the eye and smile because you Open Carry. The constitution doesn’t limit you, there is no amendment that states you must hide from the public because you are different. On the contrary it says all are created equal, yes? Open Carry, Concealed Carry and victim No Carry. Its personal choice, its the way God Sam Colt made us. We aren’t meant to hide in the face of opposition or oppression. Don’t cower in fear or embarrassment, stand tall and join together so we can be counted.

We should have a parade. After all, just because I have a pistol and I like other guys’ pistols doesn’t mean I have no control of my urges. I don’t run around and just poke everyone with my pistol.

[today’s mood = strange]


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