huh? what?

As Zack pointed out Mulligan has been a bit inactive of late. [sigh] I must admit, I have been less than diligent about regular posting this fall.

I’ve had to move again. Not a happy move, or even a planned move. One of those ‘omg, I can’t believe I have to move this weekend’ type of things. A limited income existence and medical problems and our recent lack of drought have combined with this forced relocation to make me less than enthusiastic about life in general and the sorry state of politics, liberty, etc.

on the plus side:
I have noticed a few mentions and linkery from my friends and readers. TY all very much for stopping by & welcome to all you visitors.
There have been some additions to the Mentor Map page trickling in and we’ve managed to get over 50! .. not bad considering my original goal was 10-12. Just goes to show how the gun community is helpful, pro-active and community oriented.
Things here at the new digs are beginning to settle down and fall into a routine again. So, while ammo is still not in the budget, my focus is expanding a bit to include other things beyond my own personal space.

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  1. Ah! There you is.

    Good to see ya again!

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