word of the month


there is too much to even really complain about

top 3

every day the sun has been out the last few weeks, I’ve been sick. Apparently I’m not on the invite list for the Ark this time around either.

The local fire ant guild has been building a secret base on top of the master water valve. Not a big issue unless someone in the house feels the need to f–k with the broken faucet and switch it from broken and off to broken and on. Horizontal jets of water, flooded bathrooms and ant bites, oh my.  Oh yeah, the meter box where the valve is located has filled up with mud and sludge and worm poop because of all the rain.. so you get to enjoy the prone firing position while you dig in the secret ant base with a small garden trowel to find the valve …. while the bathroom fills up with water and the ants enjoy what must amount to a bountiful harvest.. healing up nicely tyvm, I enjoy the itching scratching and oozing.

Phone shopping:  The gent at the Apple store overcharged me (by approx $550) on the last iPhone purchase (#7 was smashed in a fit of rage when the gps quit working 75 miles from home). I managed to find a source for the correct price, and I convinced them that YES DAMMIT they would give me the correct price and credit the overage to my card,  but the BubbaGumpApple rep couldn’t work the paperwork for anything but a full refund. I took the money (in the form of a CC refund, which I haven’t seen yet) and left #8 at the store. No longer an Apple customer. I probably shouldn’t be pissed about a full refund but I am.  Maybe it has something to do with turning off the phone service to the house last week and telling everyone to call my cell # instead …..or spending 75 bucks 3 days ago on the extended warranty for the phone I don’t have anymore or the $$ I burned on apps I can’t use anymore…. or the lack of ice cream in the freezer

huh … whaddya know … I CAN complain about it ….

if you’d like the rest of the top 10 you can gimme a call….DOH!, nvm ..


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