gun dr

today I’m making a trip I’ve been dreading for a while …. the S&W 1911 has to go to the gun shop.

During the last cleaning I discovered what appears to be a crack in what should be metal.

Now these old tired eyes are even older than my old and tired glasses so it may be a scratch and not a crack.

If it is a crack I’ll be seriously disappointed … the pistol is barely a year old and has made less than half a dozen trips to the range. I’ve never put a full box of ammo through it on any one visit, so it’s reeeeaaaaly low mileage.

If it is a scratch I’ll still be disappointed …. it lives in a padded box, so unless I scratched it somehow with a toothbrush coated with Hoppes it seems unlikely to be damaged from anything I’ve done to it.

update: machine mark apparently. I guess my eyes have improved enough since I bought it that I can actually see it now. I did find a similar mark on the opposite side, so the idea of machine marks is ok.  Still, it seems a bit irregular for a machine mark imo.


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  1. Yeah, something like that will get your attention, it will.

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