where the long grass grows

[the mulligan mobile stops at tool store to info gather on pushmowers]
I spy a ‘reduced’ sign leaning against some mowers on the front walk.

hmm… excuse me NameTag, whats the deal on that [insert brand] mower?

which one?

[point with finger] that one (apparently pointing is better than labeling for the ‘functional’ illiterate — there is only 1 [insert brand] mower in the display).

that’s a return

oh (this explains the grass and dust paint job)

has it been refurbished? did they go through it? is it all there? what’s wrong with it? do you know why they returned it?

uh, some little old lady brought it back. She says it runs ok. She doesn’t need it anymore. Yeah they went through it. No its not refurbed.

(little old lady? wtf ? where am I? Mayberry? she only mowed on sundays?)

how much? what’s the discount on it? what’s the price on a new one?

huh? (blink blink)  (BAM!! truck runs right into the deer)

there’s no price on it .. just this tag with a name .. see ? … is it sold already?

huh? oh… I don’t know ( no really? ya think? ) let’s find someone from lawn n garden to help you…

(right on! this guy has potential!)


plod plod plod

hi, I’m Lawna Garden can I help you?

yeah hi, I’m trying to run down some info on one of your returns in the display out front.

which one? (ok that one’s on me.. shoulda seen it coming)

the [instert brand]

oh that one!!

yeah is it sold or what?

oh no.. it just came in (cool.. that’s fresh grass n dust all over it then)

is it complete? runs ok? is it still under warranty?

oh yes it’s all there. it runs fine. yes it’s under warranty 2 yrs I think, and you can get it extended for a year if you want.

do you service ’em here? on site?

oh yes we send them out for repair if there is a problem and replace it if we can’t fix it.

(send them out on site? that might make sense after a few beers … I’ll let it ride for now)

how much? what’s the discount? how much is the extended warranty?

oh it’s $xxx.xx… they can take care of you at customer service for the warranty. Here you go.


plod plod plod

Hi I’m Service Rep can I help you

Yep, I’m looking at one of the returned mowers on sale outside in the display. Here’s the tag for it. I got it from Lawna Garden.

which one?

(that didn’t just happen)

the [insert brand] (there’s a sharp pain in my head now)

oh that one.. that just came in

yeah here’s the tag, I’m told its complete, in running condition, has a 2 yr manufacturer’s warranty still and I can extend that another year.

that’s right

ok fine .. how much is the extra warranty?

lets see .. beepbeepboopbeepboop … what’s your phone number? ok .. that will be $xx.xx.

(christ I shoulda packed a lunch– what day is it now ?)

ok if I buy it can you get someone to load it for me? I have a bad back.

sure no problem


time passes – week 2

so far we have 2 missing parts which still haven’t been ordered and the manufacturers warranty is only 1 year instead of 2 (disappointing but not unexpected). The giant tool store seems to not be able to smoothly deal with part ordering and while the manufacturer is willing to send me the parts for a lot of extra money (its cheaper if you’re a distributor) I still haven’t even started the thing.

hell with it … I like tall grass

update: returned mower to giant tool store.

Followed up with the only guy that can allegedly order parts:

    the parts STILL weren’t ordered,
    he expected me to order them myself and failed to mention it
    he has a wee bit of an attitude about even reimbursing me

I looked at my service agreement and decided I don’t want to go through this every time the mower needs service over the next 2 years.

Never even pulled the rope… wonder if it actually starts ….. enjoyed my chat with the giant tool store manager about my experiences and didn’t even yell.


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