pop quiz

took a GoToQuiz off a facebook link today … some of the questions I think could have been worded better.  I find that these quizzes tend to lead you into things. I prefer more specific wording.

1. Laws should restrict abortion in all or most cases.
– morals should restrict the numbers of pregnancies.
– abortion should never be used as a form of birth control
– we should not pass laws for the masses because individual responsibility is lacking.

2. Unions were indispensable in establishing the middle class.
– the unions were indispensable.
– the unions did not establish a middle class.
– the function of unions seems to be duplicated by government agencies in many cases today. we don’t need both.

3. In nearly every instance, the free market allocates resources most efficiently.
– most efficiently? perhaps not. Does that make it bad? no.

4. Public radio and television funded by the state provide a valuable service the citizens.
– state funded public radio and television can and should provide valuable services to the citizens. Emergencies, Amber alerts, severe weather, etc.
– do our state funded stations do things they shouldn’t? yes.

5. Some people should not be allowed to reproduce.
– I agree with this. The problem is that I have no trust for the political body that would have to be formed to oversee the selective concept “SOME”.

6. Access to healthcare is a right.
– Access to something someone else provides is not a right. EVER.

7. The rich should pay a higher tax rate than the middle class.
– every person should pay the same rate.
– the rich should not be able to avoid taxes by buying loopholes.
– there is no way to determine where the rich begins and the middle ends.

8. Sċhool science classes should teach intelligent design.
– School should teach children to think independently, not to regurgitate the opinions of others.

9. Marriage must be heralded for the important role it plays in society.
– for what purpose? by whom? what role?

10. Sometimes war is necessary, even if it means you strike first.
– Striking first is not war, it is an attack. War is the result of a failed first attack or a failed defense.

11. Patriotism is an overrated quality.
– hard to say until I know who is doing the rating and how high the ratings scale goes before it reaches overrated.

12. Radio stations should be required to present balanced news coverage.
– privately owned radio stations are a business and as such should be able to present whatever coverage they desire.
– I can change the channel if I don’t like the message or the method.

13. Government should do something about the increasing violence in video games.
– the video game industry is a business and as such should be able to produce any product they want to market.

14. If our leader meets with our enemies, it makes us appear weak.
– if our leader meets our enemies on his knees with his pants around his ankles we appear weak.
– if our leader meets our enemies with his foot on their throat then no.. we don’t appear weak.

15. We must use our military from time to time to protect our supply of oil, to avoid a national crisis.
– we should use our military daily to protect what is ours.
– we should not consider things outside our borders to be ours.

16. Strong gun ownership rights protect the people against tyranny.
– people protect people against tyranny
– people have used many tools to fight tyranny.

17. It makes no sense to say ‘I’m spiritual but not religious.’
– huh?

18. It is not government’s responsibility to regulate pollution.
– it is the governments responsibility to minimize the infringement of our rights.
– poor ethics cause pollution.
– we’re all swimming in the pool .. don’t pee in it.

19. Gay marriage should be forbidden.
– marriage is a church thing, if your church says it’s ok fine…. i’m goin to a different church thank you.
– the fact that the gov makes you be married and fill out paperwork is the gov meddling in church business.
– the fact insurance companies and ER nurses can’t or won’t deal with some ‘domestic partnerships’ is a symptom of too many rich lawyers.

20. It should be against the law to use hateful language toward another racial group.
– see bill of rights item # 1
– nowhere in the constitution does it say I have to be careful to not offend you.
– you have the freedom to be as p/o’d at me as you’d like. enjoy.
– ‘ignorant dumbass’ works just fine if I have a problem with someone. I don’t need to color code it.

21. Government should ensure that all citizens meet a certain minimum standard of living.
– some corrupt political agency will have to be formed to determine ‘minimum standard’.
– people should have the freedom to live as they choose. (choose meaning choose to work hard or not, make good decisions or not)

22. It is wrong to enforce moral behavior through the law because this infringes upon an individual’s freedom.
– you cannot enforce moral behavior.
– you can prosecute immoral behavior, but shouldn’t unless said behavior infringes the rights of another citizen.

23. Immigration restrictions are economically protectionist. Non-citizens should be allowed to sell their labor domestically at a rate the market will pay.
– I don’t know what economically protectionist means but if it means restricting immigration protects the economy then I doubt it.
– Illegal immigrant is just a fancy term for successful invasion of our territory by a really small enemy force.
– legal non-citizens should be allowed to ‘sell their labor’ (we call it ‘work’ here in Texas) just like anyone else.

24. An official language should be set, and immigrants should have to learn it.
– An official language was set.
– Citizens should have to learn it.

25. Whatever maximizes economic growth is good for the people.
– economic growth is good
– there is no way to determine maximum growth.

26. Racial issues will never be resolved. It is human nature to prefer one’s own race.
– my crystal ball says never say never.
– my race is human .. so yeah, you sheepherders, I prefer my own race.

27. People with a criminal history should not be able to vote.
– agreed
– a lot fewer people should have a criminal history.

28. Marijuana should be legal.
– abuse of yourself shouldn’t be against the law
– abuse of another while under the influence (or not) should be a crime.

29. The state should fine television stations for broadcasting offensive language.
– people should stop watching television stations they don’t like.

30. It does not make sense to understand the motivations of terrorists because they are self-evidently evil.
– understanding the why helps to understand the who and the when.

31. The lower the taxes, the better off we all are.
– uh yeah .. duh

32. Minority groups that have faced discrimination should receive help from the state to get on an equal footing.
– oh hell no.
– they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps just like everyone else had to.

33. It is wrong to question a leader in wartime.
– it is wrong to hesitate during a battle.
– question before or after the battle.

34. Tighter regulation would have prevented the collapse of the lending industry.
– if my research is correct … the idiot driven regulation of the lending industry ultimately caused its collapse.

35. It makes sense and is fair that some people make much more money than others.
– it makes sense
– if by fair you mean equal, then how can it possibly be fair if one has more than the other?
– if by fair you mean morally right, then yes it makes sense.

36. Toppling enemy regimes to spread democracy will make the world a safer place.
– killing off enemy regimes makes the world safer.
– making enemies of people who leave us alone makes the world more dangerous.

37. The state has no business regulating alcohol and tobacco products.
– the gov has no business regulating products produced and marketed within the country.
– import / export is the gov’s business.

38. If an unwed teen becomes pregnant, abortion may be a responsible choice.
– um no – abortion is not birth control.
– abortion is not a last ditch way to buy your way out of consequences caused by irresponsibility.
– if the life of either the mother or the child is in jeopardy as determined by a qualified physician then abortion becomes an option (this is extremely rare).
– if the pregnancy was the result of a criminal act then abortion becomes an option (this should be extremely rare but is unfortunately all too common).

39. International trade agreements should require environmental protections and workers’ rights. (meaning: no free trade with countries that lack pollution controls or labor protections)
– its virtually impossible to police worker’s rights and environmental protections outside our borders.
– why is trade with countries that don’t self-moderate these areas desirable ?

40. Gay equality is a sign of progress.
– I’m pretty sure Gay people aren’t limited any more than anyone else.

41. The state should be able to put a criminal to death if the crime was serious enough.
– the victim should be able to put a criminal to death during the act.

42. The military budget should be scaled back.
– military waste should be scaled back. a lot.

43. Economic competition results in innumerable innovations that improve all of our lives.
– Economic competition results in innovations.
– improving lives is possible
– improving all our lives sounds like forced change or lack of recognition of others’ possible desire to not partake of the fancy new innovations.

44. It is not our place to condemn other cultures as backwards or barbaric.
– see bill of rights # 1
– say what you want, just remember there might be consequences.

45. When one group is slaughtering another group somewhere in the world, we have a responsibility to intervene.
– individual moral responsibility to respond ? yes, if I think group B doesn’t deserve eradication.
– collective political responsibility to respond ? yes, if group B is our ally.

46. We’d be better off if we could just lock up some of the people expressing radical political views, and keep them away from society.
– We’d be better off if we could educate our citizens well enough so they wouldn’t swallow bad advice from a pretty face or melodious teleprompter.

47. Unrestrained capitalism cannot last, as wealth and power will concentrate to a small elite.
– capitalism cannot last if corruption is allowed to be unrestrained.

48. It is a problem when young people display a lack of respect for authority.
– agreed
– it is a problem when authority figures are not deserving of respect.

49. When corporate interests become too powerful, the state should take action to ensure the public interest is served.
– the state should take action before corporate interests become powerful enough to coerce or control society.

50. A person’s morality is between that person and God only. Government should not get involved.
– a person’s morality is between himself and those he interacts with.

51. The state should not set a minimum wage.
– agreed

52. A nation’s retirement safety net cannot be trusted to the fluctuations of the stock market.
– shouldn’t be taxed to the point where you need a safety net for retirement.

53. Offensive or blasphemous art should be suppressed.
– again see bill of rights # 1
– don’t like it don’t look, vote with your patronage

my results are conservative libertarian.. .go figure


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  1. conservative09

    Yeah most political quizzes have questions that lead somewhere…

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