brain freeze

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the concept of a fridge that isn’t cold enough because a heating element failed.

or if you prefer .. its too hot because the heater quit

apparently the defroster (heater) in the freezer (yeah I know: heater in the freezer) quit some time ago and the resulting ‘frosting over’ caused the cooling system to get its undies in a bunch so it up and quit too.

now, I watched the part get replaced, which was kind of painful, (I’ve seen more active brain cells at a drunk hillbilly convention and better people skills on an episode of COPS) but I’m not entirely convinced this is the solution to the whole problem.

Given that the freezer temp is about 65 degrees F it will likely be a while before we know definitively whether the fridge will come out of its coma or not.

We’ll see. … in the meantime I’m going out in the back yard and drop some apples to see if I can change our orbit


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