UI loud noise

here on the south side of suburbia we get weird noises and with all the brick walls we get some strange echoes at times.

it could have been firecrackers. Odd to have single firecrackers go off every 10-20 seconds for half an hour. On a misc day @ noon.


a nailgun. Some people fix their own fence. Pretty loud for a nailgun I think, I could hear it inside my house over the TV.


somebody target shooting in their yard. Occasional rattle after a bang… maybe a target falling?

Am I going to go verify? Nope, not my job.

I’m guessing since it stopped immediately when the B&W cruisers showed up it maybe wasn’t a nailgun. Coincidence maybe. I’m pretty positive it wasn’t anything large caliber, and I don’t think it sounded quite right for a .22.

Decent response time. Not faster than a speeding bullet by any means, but faster than breaking open a new box of ammo and reloading.


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  1. A couple of years back I was relaxing in the family room and I heard what I thought were pistol shots. I cleared it from my head and decided the noise was just from fireworks. THEN I heard what sounded like a burst of full automatic, so I jotted a note of the date and time on a paper I was reading. All was quiet afterwards, so I gave it no further thought.

    Turns out a gent had gone mad and was drving around the area shooting at other motorists (one killed). He cornered himself in a dead-end subdivision about 300 yards from my house, and got into a shootout with police (one officer was severely wounded). The full auto burst was from a police M-16, which did manage to score one lethal hit on the badguy, as well as spraying several houses.

  2. OrangeNeckInNY

    Might have been a .17 HMR or .17 HM2 or even a .22 Magnum. But is shooting in one’s own backyard legal over there?

  3. houses are only about 15 feet apart.

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