natural born?

Exactly What IS a Natural Born Citizen?

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  1. So, please explain to me… How is it that you have the strapline “fighting ignorance, apathy and fear” and then post a link to something so ignorant and incorrect?

  2. perhaps you’d like to list a source that shows this incorrectness you speak of?

  3. in the meantime I will attempt to address the question

    fighting ignorance … if this discussion continues to an educated resolution, one of us, possibly both, will be more informed and thereby less ignorant.

    fighting apathy … by the simple act of communicating about a topic and stirring up interest either for or against, there is more activity, less indifference and less apathy.

    fighting fear … I don’t know what you’re afraid of but I know what I’m afraid of, and near the top is uniformed, uneducated voters derailing this country’s progress. I use this site to list links and ideas that I can point people towards when I meet them on the street or on the net. What they choose to do with the information is not up to me but they will be better informed and thereby better armed intellectually.

  4. Re incorrectness.

    Every SCOTUS decision touching on the subject has equated “natural-born” with “native-born”; and the term “natural-born citizen” is directly derived from the term “natural-born subject”, which always meant born within the jurisdiction of the monarch, regardless of one’s parentage. There’s no basis in statute, common law or jurisprudence for claiming that the NBC clause referred to anyone other than US citizens by birth.

    For quick references, I’d refer you to Perkins v. Elg, Lynch v. Clarke, In re Look Tin Sing, US v. Wong Kim Ark; not to mention statements by various delegates to the original Constitutional Convention, like Senator Charles Pinckney and Justice John Rutledge, both of whom equated NBC with birthright citizenship. Furthermore, Attorney General Edward Bates gave his considered legal opinion in 1862, only a handful of years prior to the passage of the 14th Amendment, that birthright citizenship was equivalent to natural-born citizenship; as Lincoln’s AG, his opinion would have been influential, to say the least, in drafting the Amendment.

    These are all just examples, and there are many more available.

  5. new post .. better editing tools

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