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Voyage of the Fox Rider — Dennis L. McKiernan

A good read. Basic fantasy adventure with a few twists; including an ongoing debate about the nature of evil and the interaction between the gods and their creations.

this I think lies at the heart of evil and defines its nature:  Each of us should be free to control our own destiny. Only under very special circumstances should we yield limited control of our individual destinies to others, circumstances such as, say, defending one another against a common foe, circumstances where someone must lead and others follow. In the absence of those special circumstances, no one should be allowed to willfully interfere with the life of another, unless that other seeks in some fashion without our permission to exert control over one or more of us. Then and only then should steps be taken to stop this interference, and then in a minimal manner to do so. Evil is when a person or persons or thing for its own staisfaction seeks to wrench our destiny from our own hands, seeks to take away freedom of choice, to take away our physical, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual life, seeks to force us into a mold of his choosing and not our own. – Jinnarin, Fox Rider

force us into a mold not of our own choosing …. hmmm food for thought


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