adventures at the VA

for a same day appt you must call at 8am sharp on the day you want the appt.

Now, given the triple redundancy of my chronic-ness, I make a metric f–kload of appointments at the VA clinic.

The purpose of today’s appt:

  • I need to kickstart my next insulin shipment.
  • I need to follow up with my PCP on this cough I’ve had for 2 months running.
  • I need to visit with the DAV rep about some service animal info I researched.
  • I need to get the PCP to sign off on some chronic care paperwork for medicare.

My alarm went off at 8am as scheduled.

I dialed up the number to the clinic and pressed the #2 for same day/urgent care appt. The woman that answered transferred me to another department where the autophone informed me there was an exceedingly high call volume and I should call back.

( redial – 2 – transfer – disconnect ) x 5

redial – 2 – sir I just transferred you to them, what did they say? The autophone system said I should call back due to call volume. – transfer – disconnect

redial – 2 – sir you are calling the wrong number this is the wrong department (department of wrong?- aptly named imo) This is where the autophone puts me what do you suggest I do differently ma’am? – transfer-disconnect

redial – 2 – sir those nurses haven’t logged in yet. They are in a meeting. Excuse me ma’am.. why was I told to call them at 8am if they are not in the office at 8am?? – transfer – disconnect

redial – 2 – sir they are out of their meeting now – transfer – hold 25 min – no appts available today sir.

global meltdown.

more to come.. this ain’t over


I got to visit with the chief admin guy again. He recognizes me by sight. I think he still listens to me because he knows I come in and tell him when stuff works as well as when it doesn’t.

We have a new Patient Advocate at the clinic now. The old one didn’t like me, but this one seems more proactive. My experience with the EX Advocate pretty much revolved around me not worshipping her authority and me calling the staff on BS when I see it. The new one is still expressing a desire to address issues. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I got to see my doctor, in passing. Literally…. he was walking past and I chatted him up in the hallway.

I got to stand in line at the pharmacy TWICE. Yeehaw.

I had a nice chat with the woman in the ROI office about releasing info to my medicare people. Interestingly enough it turns out she’s an Obama voter with a couple reasons that actually have more substance than the others I’ve heard. I think she’s mistaken, but I’ll have to do some research.

I was waiting to see the DAV guy and a nice lady from the new chaplain’s office came and sat next to me for some reason. It might have something to do with their new emphasis on suicide recognition and prevention. I have to give them credit for trying. Here’s a tip though…. the chronically ill guy in the middle of the clinic, the one that introduced himself as the most unhappy vet in town, the one that’s talking loudly about a goat f—k…. not suicidal. Homicidal yes, suicidal no.


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  1. I can’t wait for the government to take over all our health care so we can all be treated that way.

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