dirty laundry

a few weeks ago the vacuum went on the fritz … ordered new parts

then the fridge decided to not make cold…. defrosted and now cold even though the funny noises are still intact.

then the washing machine decided to test the smoke alarms… none seem to work. .. waiting on parts

the buddy’s washer I was using as a stopgap decided to not work….he’s waiting on a replacement or parts.

the washer I used at the laundromat was broken before my 2nd visit.

the truck I was driving to go to the laundromat now needs a waterpump… which is almost poetic considering the problems with the laundry water pumps…. waiting on parts…

the roommate’s truck needs a steering gearbox…. waiting on parts.

I recently discovered the thermometer in the fishtank is dead … this explains the dead fish I think.

I was on the net yesterday looking up prices for truck parts and my monitor went dark…..the new 28 inch fancy one.

today my 7th .. yeah that’s right .. 7th… Iphone decided to call up some of my friends and relatives all on its own….waiting on parts….

the DVR refuses to record my morning programs in their entirety because apparently the system doesn’t have permission to record the middle of the program just the beginning and end.

and my unicorn still won’t fart rainbows ……

’09 has not been a good year

update: internet connection went down today.


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  1. Dude. Bummer.

    At that point I’d be considering a washboard and a bucket.

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