mexico & us guns

yeah ok .. you’ve all heard the poop on the web about how the mexican gov’mint is having probs with their drug cartels and how its somehow the fault of the US gun rights movement or the gunshow loophole or whatever other BS propaganda the grabbers want the media to print.

news flash

it is our fault

why ?

Well, because we got complacent and apathetic and allowed the numbnut liberals to infest our own government and didn’t fix all this urban gang drug violence decades ago.

We let a bunch of BS laws get passed that cripple the LEO forces and give more rights to career criminals and illegal aliens than the regular citizens.

We sat on our asses instead of going to the polls or running for office or giving speeches. We lowered our standards and increased our tolerance for stupidity and corruption.

We slacked off on our responsibilities and now look what we’ve got.

We shoulda taken all the border patrol budget for the southwest and used it to add another star to the flag.

If you want the US gun culture to take responsibility for this mess then shut the hell up and let us fix it. Bear in mind, if we fix it we’re gonna fix it all… and fix it our way. You won’t like that. So, if you want to blame us for something fine, we’ll fix it. If not, you should probably sit quiet until the next election.


Posted on March 14, 2009, in politics. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Regardless of who’s at fault, I am concerned about the potential threat to American safety by the escalating violence south of the border.

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