Well, I finally finished up Atlas Shrugged. I’ve seen quite a few people around the net who seem to really really like it, so I read it.


I don’t know exactly what the problem is but uh, omg, was it boring. imo.

Perhaps I didn’t enjoy it because I read fiction for entertainment, not for political theory.

Perhaps it’s a writing style thing. I tend to go for more snappy dialogue rather than drawn out self examination.

Perhaps its merely that I have only to look outside and SEE it. We’re pretty much living through that kind of political suicide right now. Maybe 50 years ago it was just fiction and not prophecy.

I think, even though I didn’t gain much from reading the book, I’ll recommend it to everyone I meet that thinks the .gov is doing a good job. Problem is I don’t think any of them can read ……….


Posted on March 11, 2009, in Books. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Heavy handed ideology, lousy characterization.

    I agree with a fair amount of the ideology, but all her stuff is a tedious read. The Fountainhead is just as bad.

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