published names

a regular rash of newspapers around the country publishing ‘public records’ of concealed handgun permit holders lately.

Since I don’t think the .gov should be telling me how to utilize my personal tools, the idea of who should have access to a list of tool restrictions is pretty much wasted on me.

That said……

The idea behind concealed carry is to not alarm the public. Publishing a list in order to alarm the public should be against the rules. Seems to me if the public has knowledge of my permit, they then have knowledge of me carrying a weapon. Sort of defeats the purpose of ‘concealment’ doesn’t it? If the public knows I’m carrying, that’s open carry. I know for a fact (excepting LEO’s) open carry is not allowed in Texas.

Also seems to me if you are truly afraid gun owners will freak out at random intervals with little or no provocation, you probably shouldn’t piss them off by printing their names in your paper. I’m thinking, contrary to anti-gun propaganda, they must not really be too worried about that.


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