vote right or wrong

I was listening to gun nuts radio tonight and as always that knocks the dust off of the old brain and gets it rolling. I won’t make you read the whole segue, it’s the sort of thing that would make you think ‘what the ….?’ but here’s where I ended up:

If you voted for Obama, you are not wrong.

Don’t throw that at me, it’s sharp, someone could lose an eye.. let me explain..

First. You voted. GOOD FOR YOU!! Exercising one’s rights and responsibilities is ALWAYS GOOD; that’s why this country exists.

Second. You chose your candidate for a reason. GOOD FOR YOU. I might personally disagree with your reason. Your reason might not be a priority for me; as mine might not be for you.

that said,

the results of my own personal informal poll are in.  (which means I’m tired of asking)

I have not ever met or spoken with an Obama supporter that can give me a reason other than one of the following:  (in some form)

A-We need change. I agree. The last guy could have done better. The problem with this statement lies in the lack of specificity. It begs the question, ‘change what/how?’. If you don’t know, it’s not a good reason. Seriously, can you not come up with something better? War, Gov spending, religion, abortion, taxes, civil liberties, the list goes on and the best you got is ” uh, we need change”.

B-It’s past time a minority got elected to that office. I agree. This does not however, mean the clock expired and we HAVE TO elect a minority. We should ALWAYS elect the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB. Color, race, religion, size, shape, sex are not requirements of the job. I’m sure in the past well qualified persons were passed over. I’m sure in the past some of them were not white males. The phrase “it’s never been done before” is a good resume for ASTRONAUT. Astronauts have a different skill set than politicians. Being a new color does not mean you have any skills. Some white guys CAN jump.

C-We don’t need 4 more years of Bush. I agree. I certainly wouldn’t want to violate the constitution by reelecting him. If you think McCain = Bush you have some problems with observational skills. If you look a their pictures you can see the difference. If you look at their records you can see the difference. If you look.

D-Republicans are bad. I agree. Lots of politicians are bad. Bad for the country, bad for their states or towns. Hell, some are bad for the young impressionable interns that work in D.C. Some Catholic priests are bad. Some motorcyclists are bad. Some doctors are bad. Some lawyers are bad (can I get an AMEN?), some democrats are bad. Republicans have no monopoly on bad. Does the media print a headline that says ” Man(R) charged with 2 counts of …”? No they don’t because bad is all around us; not just during the election.

I hope there are some out there voting for other reasons. I have not heard all of them I’m sure. I must say however, I think you need a better reason than those above.

If you voted for Obama, and these are the best you can come up with, you’re not wrong, you’re a friggin’ moron.


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