financial report

In spite of my personal preference, my credit card company recently decided that my due date should be BEFORE payday. Their reasoning? Apparently February has 28 days.. who knew? I’m willing to agree with their assessment of February but the corresponding need to move my due date 7 days still escapes me. I’m thinking some sort of stimulus economics logic.  mood: unhappy

As a bonus, since they waited until the end of the billing cycle to apply the ‘late fee’ they managed to exceed the balance limit, thereby achieving an overage.  mood: pissed off

For dessert we have a newfound inability to charge anything to the card, despite my monthly payment which customer service assures me is excessive; I need only pay the minimum. No Doubt. Hard to charge interest on stuff when it’s paid off y’know. Current mood HULK SMASH!!.

Customer kind-of service tells me there is no visible issue within the system, all overage & late fees have been refunded and the due date changed back to normal. I’m giving them 24 hrs; by tomorrow I’ll either be able to use my card or I’ll use my scissors on the damn thing.


Given that there are obviously gremlins loose in my financial business, I checked the ol’ credit report.

probably not a good plan considering I was still green from the ‘HULK SMASH’ mood swing.

Some sort of anomaly. There be red stuff on the screen. Hmmmm. click details. Hmmm, nothing. click back. red stuff. Hmm, click details… nothing . grrrrrrr. click contact us. Where did I throw the #$^%^ phone?

hold hold hold .. this is my problem with your website: there is red stuff on this page and no corresponding account data on the details page…. no this is the website here … THIS is the problem… no I can log in fine.. THIS IS THE PROBLEM HERE!! ….I see …holdholdhold .. advanced tech support will call me back …. in 48 hours? I see.

so… only one of the reporting companies shows the bad acct.. probably not mine which explains the lack of details.

why then oh great and wonderful OZ did the score go up while the other 2 went down 25 points?

more stimulus logic no doubt.


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