on hold

well I had a great big project planned for today to kind of make up for the ‘filler’ style stuff I’ve been posting recently.

keyword HAD

actually its still planned .. but i doubt it will be completed anytime today.

see, I’ve just noticed there is an alarming amount of blood leaking from my sinuses so we’ll be heading on over to ye olde urgent care clinic for an appt.

I’m not a big fan of unrestricted blood flow really …Being an insulin dependent diabetic, you sort of get desensitized to seeing your own blood. Between the finger pricks and the injections and the frequent lab tests .. there’s usually a hole in your skin someplace and there’s usually a drop or two of blood loose around the place somewhere.

However, when there’s a significant amount of blood flowing from someplace inside your head; that’ll make ya sit up and pay attention.

So, I think (I’m no MD, but I’m pretty sure) given the really awesome headache, the somewhat inconvenient dizzyness and the globs o’ blood oozing out of my head, I need to see a doc.

Y’all will just have to wait for the good stuff.


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