sunday tv

I got really bored today and stopped by the Disney channel on the old idiot box. They were showing an oldie I’ve always enjoyed; the animated Robin Hood.

Classic Disney Villains

There’s nothing Prince John loves more than power, unless perhaps it’s gold. He’ll do anything to get either, even steal from his own subjects. It’s not so difficult — he stole his brother’s crown, after all. He may be a cowardly, scheming, thumb-sucking, royal crybaby, but he’s the closest thing England’s got to a king while Richard is away on crusade. Meanwhile, “Rob the poor to feed the rich” is Prince John’s motto. True to his pledge he travels the countryside with his sycophant sidekick Sir Hiss in tow, spreading taxes and misery wherever he goes. If only his beloved “mummy” could see him now! It all seems so easy — until Nottingham and that wily bandit Robin Hood. Vain and pretentious, Prince John falls for the outlaw’s flattery and tricks, getting his gold and jewels stolen right out from under his very nose. Now he wants Robin Hood dead and will use every evil trick in his book to see that foxy bandit captured and tax-collecting resumed.

Sneaky and suspicious, Sir Hiss is amazingly good at spotting schemes, probably because he’s often scheming himself. With his talent for hypnotism, he was invaluable in sending King Richard off to the Crusades, but so far he hasn’t been able to bring John under his spell. Too bad for Hiss. Maybe it’s his tickly tongue that’s the problem — whenever he tries to whisper his suspicions in the royal ear, he sets his master laughing and is liable to end up in a basket under the royal backside … An undignified position for any advisor.

The prominent ears, and the slimy advisor sort of reminded me of someone else I’ve seen on TV recently.

on the subject of lions, I found a site with pictures of real lions .. they were taken in Kenya by Roger Beau
48.Travel Kenya Africa  lionne52.Travel Africa Kenya lion et mouches18.Travel Africa Kenya Lions  Repas du lion

you notice the last one shows a Kenyan lion feeding on the flesh of the weak and helpless.

… just sayin’……


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