weekend trip

Went on a road trip last weekend. Drove from DFW to Hobbs NM and back. Made several stops in between. Checked out the Colorado City state park (pottys are closed for the season, you gotta hold it until spring.) Big Spring (not Big Springs – this confuses your gps.) Denver City & Seminole.

First lemme just say .. NASA doesn’t need to go to Mars. If you wanna tramp around in a red sandstorm just go to West Texas.

Secondly, it was absolutely wonderful to get out of the big city and spend time in a place where people aren’t assholes. Big city rudeness has saturated the metro, and omg was it pleasant to interact with polite, helpful, just plain nice folks for a change.

Third, I think firemen should be allowed by law to punch smokers in the face. Over a 4 day period I saw at least 3 burned areas, one with firefighters on site. Deal with your own trash, don’t throw your butts on Texas.

4th if I can ever find the idiot weatherman that posted a 34 degree prediction on the web, I plan to kick him in the groin. I’ve camped in colder conditions but I sure as hell don’t enjoy it and there’s just no excuse for missing it by 30 degrees.

Lastly, wth west texas, doesn’t anyone grow GRASS? Every stinking thing out there has a sticker or pricker or thorn or teeth. Every time my dogs got out to pee I had to bandage their feet. Not to mention the fact that you have to dig stickers and burrs out of the furr with your bare fingers. I’ve worn out my needles and tweezers digging crap out of my thumbs.

Oh yeah, for those of you planning to camp anywhere there MIGHT be cactus……..

allow plenty of time BEFORE SUNDOWN to set up the tent. Cactus + dark + cold = a level of cussing I’m sure will entertain y’all for hours.


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