switching sides

I’ve been a Denver Bronco fan for a long time. Now, for the first time in 25 years, I’m seriously considering changing my allegiance.

For years the team has struggled with defense. Last season the offense, while not perfect,  was again not the major problem.

How does ownership fix this issue? By firing the coach of course. Then by hiring an offensive genius from the NE patriots.

The new guy then begins hiring his assistant coaches. Some from the Lions, 49’rs and Chiefs. While I can see recruiting coaching staff from winning clubs, I really don’t see much talent spilling over from the Lions, 49’rs and Chiefs. Nor do I see much point in loading the staff up with a high school coach, a Raider coach, or a college assistant from Iowa State. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty confident when I say there must be other options.

Maybe I’m wrong but I really don’t see much to be thrilled about. For years now the Broncos have been scoring points and scoring points and letting the opposition score points and score points. I think that offense is not the issue. Lets try to stop someone for a change.

If they don’t focus on defense and special teams and keeping control of games through all 4 quarters, I’ll be very disappointed. again.

prospective new team


  • chiefs, raiders, chargers — no way .. too many years hating them.
  • pats — i can’t stand the pats
  • atlanta — not if vick comes back
  • browns — think the browns would take in an old Elway fan? prob not
  • bengals — do they even have a team ?
  • ravens — I like their defense, but not a huge fan of some of the play calling this year.
  • titans — i think management is about to get caught up in a quarterback war. no thanks.
  • jags, saints — hmmm see what they do this year, maybe 08 was a fluke
  • lions — are you kidding?
  • bears, bills — zzzzzz
  • packers — did favre take the defense with him ?
  • vikings — draft. a. quarterback.
  • cowboys — since landry left no chance.
  • eagles, ‘skins, giants — i live in tx.. i’d get my ass kicked
  • rams  — sad
  • seattle  — did they play this year?
  • 49’rs  — didn’t they win a super bowl once? by a lot ?


  • cards — I lived in AZ for a while, actually saw them play. like the new coach.
  • steelers  — I like their tough, get it done attitude
  • carolina — liked the way they ended the regular season.
  • tampa, indy  — lets see if the new coach can get it done
  • jets, dolphins — both rebuilding and going in the right direction.
  • houston — living in tx I might get to see them play when the ‘boys aren’t on.

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