sick n tired

yesterday’s sore throat has become today’s stuffy head, coughy, sneezy, achey, yuck. yippee. I’m thinking about 3 days ’til bronchitis. again. sigh.

Got a new dr a few weeks ago. I go through a lot of doctors; mostly because not all doctors graduate at the top of their class.  This guy seems to not listen. I told him during our first meeting that I was concerned with treating the underlying causes and not just adding meds to treat symptoms. During out second meeting, he prescribed meds before he even examined me.

I’ll be looking for a new dr as soon as I’m well enough to get out and about again. In the meantime, I guess it’s back to the good ol’ VA clinic  for some antibiotics.

update: its 5am. im still sick. goin’ to see if i can sleep now without my sinuses drowning me. If not, then mike and mike in the morning is on espn2.

for those of you who need more of a blog-fix, go see Jay G., my rss feed says he’s up.


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