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From GovTrack.US     “repeal the twenty-second”

earlier post of mine 11/5/08

I’ve heard people say today that we should start planning for the next election. I agree; Obama has already mentioned his 12 year plan. Suspended term limits in NY is bad enough. At the moment the Obama worshippers don’t have control of 2/3 of congress and 3/4 of the states.

I hope that doesn’t change.

I haven’t checked the numbers recently, but I’m certain they are alarmingly close. Also, given how many of our reps have hitched a ride on the bandwagon for economic issues recently, there is really no way of knowing if they will have the fortitude to withstand the chicago machine on the 22nd amendment issue.

Interesting that the last time the term limit for president was extended the economy was a big issue.


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