rapid response

3 big dogs at my house, 1 big dog next door .. all barking.

Loose dog in the yard. This explains the barking at the front window.

We get a lot of loose dogs coming through the neighborhood. Usually I can go out and walk them home, if I know where they belong, or they will run off on their own.

This guy belongs to a house around the corner. He’s been loose before, dogs dig you see, and as no one answers the door, I check with the neighbors. None of the neighbors seem to like him much since he’s apparently out even more often than I thought.

Now I have a loose dog, no owner, and I know from the last episode that no one downtown at the shelter wants me to bring them a loose dog. Last time I spent 2 hours making calls and trying to locate a drop off with no luck.

So today I call animal control. 11:45am

“Come pick up this loose dog”

“We’ll send someone right out”




call animal control 12:55pm

“Come pick up this dog”

“you’re low priority, it will be at least 2 or 3 days”

“wtf are you kidding me?”

“is it a pit bull?”

“well its a puppy, but yeah it’s some sort of pit bull”

“oh, in that case I can move you up the priority list, our dispatcher will call you back in a couple minutes”




call city councilman’s office 1:30pm

“what does it take to get a response from animal control? I’ve been out here with this dog for a while now and the people at AC can’t get their story straight. They said they’d call back in a few minutes and its been a half hour. They said they’d be right out and it’s been over hour and a half now. ”

“i’ll have someone call you right back sir”


ring ring 1:45pm

“do you have a stray dog?”


“we’ll send someone right out”




call animal control 2:45pm

“it’s me again is someone coming to get this dog or should I just shoot it ?”

“let me check the computer, someone should be on the way”


“whats your address sir?”


“they dispatched someone to that address at 2:01pm”




after 3pm

2 … count ’em …. 2 Animal control trucks pull up. Apparently neither one was dispatched here as I was not on their clipboard. Only some sort of end-around got them here. Over 3 hours of my time, multiple phone calls, for a lost puppy that’s been in the back of my truck all afternoon.

They didn’t even have my neighbor’s complaint about the same dog from earlier this week on the clipboard.

Total elapsed time after transferring puppy from my truck to AC truck and signing paperwork and chat about overstocked clipboard– just under 4 hours.

What really pisses me off? I know for a fact a complaint about my dog gets a response in under 15 min.


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