2 cents for Breda

Breda had a real life incident/confrontation/encounter/whatever.

Here’s the original – at a glance – some good stuff in the comments

a supporting post by Labrat @ Atomic Nerds

and Breda’s follow up.

First, let me state for the record: I have personal space issues. My personal space rules are adapted from what I know of the old Soviet Air Defence forces: If you’re in my airspace without authorization, I’m gonna shoot you down.

(I read the comments @ Breda’s so I’m pretty sure this would be where pawnbroker tells me I might have a negative influence on my impressionable readers and I should have a care how I phrase things.) Piss Off.

I meant what I said. My personal space is exactly that – MINE. My most valuable possessions are kept there – ME.

Touch me for no reason and I’ll mess you up. If you’re lucky, I’ll be polite when I offer to help you up. You will not get a warning.  I will not, as pawnbroker said,

“…retreat, retreat, retreat, until you cannot retreat any further…”

I am not in any way motivated to retreat in a situation where some unrepentant, unapologetic stranger has walked up and not just violated my space, but actually touched me. All my self defense training teaches confrontation as a last resort. If you’ve been touched, confrontation has begun. You have no idea what the stranger’s intent is, but s/he is CLEARLY aggressive and it is time to REACT. I have taught students, small-build women especially, several techniques for taking control of situations like this.

I suspect the main point of Breda’s story deals with her self-awareness and dealing with a natural or ingrained passive/submissive/victim auto-reaction. She had to fight down that knee jerk reaction and substitute the newly awakened Armed Librarian/I don’t have to take this crap/I can defend myself/refuse to be a victim/whup-ass reaction.

As I’ve said in previous posts, winning confrontations is not about fighting, it’s about convincing the aggressor to quit.

If a lil’ whisp of a gal can back off a linebacker with the look in her eye, who in their right mind is moronic enough to find fault with the look she chooses?


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