elementary concepts for 100 alex

okie dokie sheeple listen up

I’ve run across a few places here and there and heard a few people say:

fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity

uh, no…. its not.

fighting is not like screwing, one is waaay more fun than the other. I’ve been married so I’ve done both.

peace and virginity both require a choice and constant vigilance to maintain but I see little similarity beyond that.

No one fights for peace .. no, really .. no one. You fight for TYRANNY. We RESIST for peace.

The reason the phrase “fighting for peace” gets used is because the sheeple in this country are too friggin’ stupid and lazy to deal with the difference between fighting and resisting. Fight has negative connotations and resist is a complicated word with positive connotations that makes people think. The media and activists use the term fight because its simple and uncomplicated and leads the sheeple by the nose around by the shortest route to their biased point of view.

Peace is destroyed when tyrants attempt to impose their will on others. I suppose you could argue peace could be maintained by acceptance of tyranny, but in that case, chances are good you’ve never had anyone force you to do anything. It’s kind of the nature of tyranny to be unpleasant.

Peace is achieved when the tyrants become convinced the resistance will kick their ass. When that sinks in, they go away and the resistance is left alone to enjoy their state of peace.

Some say: We don’t have peace, we have war.

Ok first off this is the USA.. unless you’re in the military or a family member, you have peace. There’s no war on US soil. Economic issues aside, it is highly unlikely you are affected in any way by the current war and if you want to whine about money when my friends are bleeding you’ve got priority issues no logical argument can fix.

Secondly, if you wish to complain about the current war, you have the right to do so. War is bad. Anyone saying otherwise probably owns a tank factory. Just know that war comes from not enough resistance. If there were enough resistance, the aggressor would quit.


an illustration:

I am not a cat person I am a dog person. On occasion I have picked up a cat and when they decide they want down they get down. Whether I want them to or not. If I attempt to enforce my will on the cat, I WILL PET YOU ANYWAY, the cat doesn’t give a rat’s ass what I think or want. I immediately begin to bleed in a way that lets me know, without a shadow of a doubt, the cat wants down right goddam now. If there is a cat that wants down and doesn’t claw me with all four feet and stick all its fangs in me, its because A) its a 3 legged toothless cat or B) I recognize the warning signs and I conceed before it can. Either way I lose the war. It is possible to win the war with the cat but I don’t want to deal with the consequences. I don’t want to invest the time, effort & other resources required to achieve victory because I know the cat will resist at a level I find painful. In short: the cat will commence to kicking my ass the second it becomes dissatisfied.


Tyrants attempt to force their will upon us because they think we’ll let them.

Because we failed to convince them they’ll regret it if they don’t leave us alone.


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