classroom time

I noticed a couple days ago that somehow the doorbell has been busted at the front door. Given my rapid response to any disturbance at the door or in the yard and the K9 proximity alarms its almost certain to have been done when I was not home. So. Someone is watching to see when I leave; which is not often. Add that to the recent noise in the middle of the night problems and my patience is getting pretty thin.

So in order to ensure I’m legal 24/7 I took the plunge finally and went to a concealed handgun course to get my permit. I’ve been torn between working it into the budget and the self imposed deadline of Jan 20.

Got all the questions on the written, stayed awake through the entire class (it wasn’t boring, I’m just not accustomed to 12 hours out and about), and scored over 200 (out of 250) on the hands on. Some of the class (and the instructor) seem to think I’m a bit strange for wearing a handgun at home. Between that and a few other comments I made I’m sure I’ll be one of the stories for the next class.

Biggest new thing for me was listening to the Range Officer commands. I haven’t had to do that since Basic Training so I was a bit nervous. I don’t listen well when I’m nervous but all went fairly well. The P01 missed one extraction and I seem to hit on the silhouette but tail off low left quite a bit as the distance increases. This is only the 2nd box of ammo through it since I brought it home so we’re still getting used to each other. I suspect something in my trigger pull is the culprit. Maybe I can talk JR into showing me the Todd Jarrett Kung-fu grip someday soon.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been, but I was mildly surprised the class stayed focused on getting through the process and getting a permit. There was almost zero discussion of 2A issues and gun rights. None of the students seemed to be gunnie or political activists. There were a few times when someone would comment ” is that really the law ??” or some such, but that was about as far as it got. Which is as it should be as the class was not there to waste time with debate but to learn the rules.

I’ll seal up the packet today and get it in the mail. Should hear something in 6-8 weeks.


update: one of the dogs just drooled on my paperwork… no I’m not makin’ it up…..I’ll see how much of it is legible when it dries out. I hate doing stuff over.


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  1. Congratulations. Welcome to the club

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