identify the target

My roommate went out of town and her daughter went to gramma’s house. So its just me and the dogs for a few days.

The k9 proximity house alarm has been barking off and on since about 2am yesterday. Neighbor’s dog too. There are a couple yappy dogs around that are forever harping about butterflies or sunbeams or whatever. yapyapyapyapyapyap nonstop like their vocal chords are triggered by air and grass.

My Bear and Lexi next door are a different breed of noise. They have purpose. They both take their job seriously. They are quiet until it’s time to not be quiet.

I dunno what’s going on. It’s odd, not a prolonged barking, just 2 or 3, check the window or door and then stop. I dunno what’s out there, but he’s not a recreational barker. Bear’s a professional. If he’s barking, there is something out there. I may not be fast enough to catch it or smart enough to identify the offending varmint. But something has been mucking about in our yard.

A while back, a house down the street had the door kicked in. It’s not uncommon for there to be vandalism in the neighborhood. We’ve had things thrown at the house and car. I’ve had more than 1 conversation on the sidewalk about safety in our area. We’ve had kids climb the fences. It’s common to see broken auto glass on the streets.

Even walking home from school things can happen. The roomie’s older teenager had a cell phone stolen 2 blocks from home and was held up by 3 armed men less than a half mile from here. The younger had given up on the walk home due to comments and whistles from men on the street.

Stuff happens, our neighborhood isn’t perfect. But still, it’s NOT normal for the Bear to be up at night checking windows and making a racket every hour and a half. Its not a stray varmint, it keeps coming back.

Yesterday I upgraded from full magazine to full chamber and began patrolling outside after bark alarms; nothin’.

Tonight there’s a noise out front. Bear’s up and at the door doin’ his job. I’m up and headed that direction when I hear the door open.

To my knowledge there’s 4 keys to that door. 1 in my pocket, 1 out of town, 1 at gramma’s house and 1 in the extra stuff drawer in the kitchen.

Bear saved a life tonight I think. He knows the difference between the teenager that belongs here and the ones that don’t. It helps that I know the difference between a HELLO bark and a GTF off my property bark. It’s a good thing to know. Even though I hadn’t yet had ‘eyes on’ the intruder he had already ID’d her and I trust him. Once I heard the bark change, my adrenaline surge backed off and I kept my pistol holstered.

I’m glad I know and practice the rules of gun safety and didn’t just go blasting away at an unknown out of sheer paranoia.

Going forward I think we’ll up the level of mandatory communication around here. When something odd is happening with the house or yard we’re going to use some of the anytime minutes we pay for here and bring everyone into the loop. Even when people are out of town. There’s not much reason for a ‘hey, unscheduled stop at home’ phone call normally, but when there’s strange goings on it’s nice to get a heads-up before the doorknob turns unexpectedly.

I failed to let everyone know I’d gone into advanced paranoia status. But no harm done, this time.

Teenager failed to pack all her stuff for the stay at Gramma’s. I still don’t know what tidbit she just HAD to have before bedtime tonight.

I’m gonna go play with my dog, he deserves it.


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  1. Living alone I still am careful. If I’m gone overnight a shooty gal friend will stay over at my place to care for my black lab. I also have lights timed on and off. And the neighbors know, if the house goes dark for a couple of days or they hear the dog bark nonstop, to call me. If I don’t answer there’s a number for a coworker who lives a couple miles away who has my code to get in the house.

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