disagreement ?

Holy crap!! Someone actually stopped here long enough to read something

AND post a comment*

AND DISAGREE WITH ME. Check it out – yours & mine

In honor of the first time EVER triple crown win, here’s a link to his site One Pretentious Bastard. I’m not calling him names … that’s really the name of the site. (I think. I had to search for it, since it wasn’t included in the comment that I saw.) Cool ain’t it?

Thanks for stoppin’ by.. you’re wrong.. come back anytime. No worries, I’m wrong a lot so 1-0 isn’t an insurmountable lead.


*Note – Brigid @ Home on the Range holds the comment lead with 11 & Kevin @ The Smallest Minority has 2 …. .my only repeat (non-anonymous) commenters so far. Honorable mention to Greg @ West by God & Jay G. @ MArooned for lending a hand with the Shooter Map.


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  1. I’m not entirely sure how I’m wrong. I linked the snopes article debunking the whole “LOL NOT PATRIOTIC THING.” But, thanks for the hat tip!

  2. the snopes link says ‘false’ at the top yes. I believe they are attempting to debunk the popular rumor about the Pledge of Allegiance. Which is easy to do since the evidence shows it was in fact the National Anthem instead.

    In the explanation later snopes mentions a picture of the rally at Sen. Harkin’s. This is the incident I was referring to when I said ‘doesn’t put his hand over his heart at times’.

    I’m not questioning his patriotism in that post. In fact my personal belief is that he was correct to not put his hand over his heart. This is due to my belief he is not a citizen of our country. (which is another topic altogether).

    either way I appreciate good discussion 🙂

  3. my mistake… I went an re-read that snopes link and its debunking the alleged statements by Obama not the actual Pledge or the Anthem EVENTS.

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