I’ve heard a lot about how Obama is OUR President, and I agree. America elected him. Even though he himself uses the phrase “your President” when referring to the Current President. This leads me to believe he won’t attempt to be President for anyone but the people who voted for him.

I hope he’ll change.

I’ve heard a lot about how Obama employed the 1st amendment to say things that are untrue. He used it to mislead the public and misrepresent his past associations. He attacked the 1st amendment, and those who attempted to use it against him.

I hope he’ll change.

I’ve heard a lot about how Obama is pro 2nd amendment, and I’m sure he is for his own interpretation of it. I just don’t believe, after looking at his record, he is for any version of the 2nd amendment that allows people to defend themselves or any version remotely reflecting the original intent of the founders.

I hope he’ll change.

I’ve heard a lot about how Obama surrounded himself with unsavory personnel. His anti-American preacher, anti-American wife, terrorist bomber friends, criminal organizations & corrupt big business leaders.

I hope he’ll change.

The media didn’t investigate the man’s eligibility for the office. They didn’t pursue his lack of qualifications. They didn’t check into his background. They campaigned for him rather than present the facts to the voters.

I hope they change.

Congress is charged, by the Constitution, with policing themselves. They ignore criminal activity; corruption and even treasonous acts are ignored in the battle for control. Ethical legislators have become extinct.

I hope they change.

I’ve heard people say today that we should start planning for the next election. I agree; Obama has already mentioned his 12 year plan. Suspended term limits in NY is bad enough. At the moment the Obama worshippers don’t have control of 2/3 of congress and 3/4 of the states.

I hope that doesn’t change.


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