new puppy

the roommate and I were in the local PetStore and came across a really well mannered cuddly 9 month old pup at the adoption kiosk run by the ‘save the pets’ group of the week. She’s was a rescue so approximately 9 months, and probably a husky mix.

My roommie looks up and says “what do you think?” Which is essentially K9 owner code for “I’m gonna unless you say NO”. DOH! I already got 2 dogs so I say “your call; I fill the water bowl and scoop the backyard either way.” Which is code for “I won’t have to buy food for it, you will”.

adorable, playful… what we here refer to as “smooshy”. (hug-able, warm, cuddly, fuzzy, etc).

gets along with all our other dogs (which is pretty rare).

new bowl (pink), new toy (pink), food, collar (pink), leash (pink), blanket

sign on the dotted line.. booster shots next week…tyvm bbye

trip to the park
picking a puppy name
romping and napping

roommate knocks on my door early AM to announce emergency trip to the vet.
diagnosis: Parvo; probably won’t live through the day.


Now we disinfect everything we can find and hope none of the others pick it up. The odds are good for us; Parvo is a deadly puppy killer, but doesn’t usually get through an adult K9 immune system.

In the meantime I’ll try to cheer up my friend. She’s sittin’ in the other room watching the TV; not watching a program, just the blank screen.

It’s amazing how quickly something can come into your life and how much of an impact it can have.

sigh, I need a plan B. Normally going to look at puppies cheers her up.



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  1. Thanks this means alot.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of the puppy. I hope things look up soon.


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