the trip

good news first:
Grampa made it through his birthday all in one piece. He even managed to get out of bed under his own power and drop himself on his face. So it’s safe to say he’s more durable than we suspected.

We won’t go into the myriad issues we have with the level of care in the Veteran’s Home where he is currently residing. Suffice to say, more often than not, ‘care’ is an inappropriate term for it. I’m not going to elaborate, but anyone who has been subject to the Veteran’s Health Care, Veteran’s Housing, Veteran’s anything, knows Nationalized Health Care does not work. I’m a Vet and I have lived (barely) through the hands-on testing. I’ve been a patient in at least 8 different VA facilities. If you doubt me you are welcome to accompany me the next time I go to the Dr. and see for yourself.

The Highway:
There is no open carry allowed anywhere along the I-35 corridor. At least without a permit, which I don’t have. I try to abide by the law, but the rules pertaining to accessibility when riding in a vehicle seem to vary a bit from state to state. Deserted highways late at night are the stuff headlines are made of; so after the 3rd border I pretty much elected to go with the “better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6” philosophy and kept the appropriate tools handy.

Some of you may not know, but the definition of “YIELD” is: “your insurance company will paint my old truck & raise your rates, you dumbass”. My cruise control works and has no proximity sensor for stupidity. My goodwill chromosome doesn’t function within fifty feet of rude people. Nor do I give a rat’s ass if your day gets fubar’d ‘cuz you don’t know how to merge.

I get better gas mileage @60 than I do @70. I’m not in a hurry and no matter how long you look there’s no bumper sticker inviting you in. Learn to pass, get off my ass.

Setting up camp for one night sucks. Setting up camp for one night, 900 miles north of your natural habitat, in October, with no firewood, sucks beyond belief. Bear enjoyed it, but he has a nice fuzzy coat and doesn’t have to worry about his thumbs freezing off. Sticking his ice covered nose in my ear at 5AM was probably icing on the cake for him after a 100 degree summer in TX.

The Truck
Ran like a top. 200K + miles and doesn’t use a drop of oil. Love the dual tank setup; I can gas up in FTW and I’m good until I get to the far side of Kansas City, MO. The numbers on the pump were a tad alarming on the way north, but I got lucky and the price dropped for the return trip.

The cellphone
Iphone #4 died enroute, apple care sent me #5 on the road. #5 was diagnosed tonight with bluetooth malfunction and will be replaced by #6 on Friday at the new FTW apple store. I’ve watched enough tv to know #7 is a burro so I hope #6 lasts a while. Come to think of it, wasn’t #6 a white horse? I watch too much tv, but I bet Grizzly Adams & Mad Jack didn’t freeze their frickin’ thumbs off.

Range time
Managed to send some rounds downrange at the Vinton, IA Izaak Walton Range. Not many, but enough to make me spend a night with the family and the cleaning kit.

Do you know someone who can just turn off their bladder? I have a friend who does it. She’ll ask where the restroom is and then decide she’ll just go ‘later’. Bizarre. My dog Sasha does it too. She didn’t pee for 3 days on this trip. No place like home I guess.

At one stop on the Kansas turnpike after a walk in the grass, I let down the tailgate to let in Sasha and Bear. After loading 6 or 7 dogs I discovered some idiot had left the window in the back of the cab open as well as the driver’s door. Pondering this for a few minutes led me to believe I needed a nap more than I needed to get back on the turnpike.


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