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Obama said during the recent debate “your President”.

Here’s a tip: If you are a U.S. citizen, George W. Bush is your President.

Good, bad or ugly, he’s the President of the whole USA, not just the part that voted for him. He’s everyone’s President. Unless, of course, you’re not a U.S. citizen. Then you can accurately refer to him as “your President”.

It’s also interesting to note that Obama is widely known, at times, to have not put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. This is also correct protocol only if you are not a citizen of our country.

I’m pretty sure there is a citizenship requirement for elected office in this country.


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  1. Actually, the Anthem thing? Not True.

  2. uh, actually .. it IS true and your source @ snopes supports the statement.
    there is a picture of the event. there is video of the event.

    people think its not true because he does place his hand over his heart SOMETIMES.

    which is why I said “at times” in the statement above.

    more research here Bashin Obama

  3. Well this is what I get for posting quickly and not reading thoroughly.

    While I do appreciate discussing the correct protocol for the Anthem, not following protocol does not imply, nor should it imply, that he is either 1) not patriotic or 2) not a citizen. What he did was not follow protocol.

  4. Well patriotism manifests differently in each of us, and even at best is not a measurable quantity. So, it’s pretty difficult to say definitively whether someone is or isn’t.

    We agree on the fact that he didn’t follow correct protocol for a citizen of the USA. I’m not saying here he’s not a citizen , just that our protocols don’t apply to anyone else. I think it’s deplorable that someone in the Senate doesn’t know the correct protocol for the Nat’l Anthem (which kind of reflects poorly on his co-workers as well, for not filling him in at some point). I think it’s even more of a problem that no one has pointed out that it’s NOT OK to ignore protocol. As Prez there will only be MORE protocols and ceremonies and traditions… and he’s still working on the basics.

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