longest morning EVER

I took a look at my online bank statement yesterday.
pending ………… $1.00 …………………Apple/iTune
hmmmm, I don’t buy stuff from iTunes.
[phone call] blah blah yes sir, no sir, that office is closed for the day, yes sir, no sir, tomorrow would be fine, ………….

friday dawns bright and shiny and I make my call….
There’s a charge on my bank statement for $1, according to your FAQ’s that’s standard procedure when there are changes made to an account.


OK, but I haven’t made any changes to my account recently. Has someone else accessed my account?

chaos ensues
[story edited to run in the time allotted and edited for content]

word of the day: fraud / identity theft

what to do when someone gets on the web and creates user accounts with your billing information

Call your bank

    – tell story to nice lady that answers
    – check statement for fraudulent transactions
    – cancel card
    – issue new card
    – change PIN
    – change password

Call the local PD non-emergency line

    – make report
    – get report #
    – get officer’s name and ID#
    – write down several numbers for more phone calls

Run Anti-Virus scan on computer

Call Federal Trade Commission 877-438-4338

Go to Internet Crime Complaint Center

Call TransUnion

    – Request copy of credit report 800-888-4213 (repeat for Equifax and Experian)
    – Request Fraud Blocking 800-680-7281 (TU will also notify EQ and EX for you, which rocks)

Call credit card company (repeat as needed)

    – check statements for fraudulent activity
    – cancel card
    – issue new card
    – change password
    – change PIN

Call every entity you have set up to auto debit
– advise of card # change
– ensure no bill will be charged to your account until new card arrives
– ensure plan B of check by mail will work in place of auto debit system

Buy new document shredder when new card comes.


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