wishful thinking ’08

This is a good read. TownHall.com [The comments after the article go a bit off topic, which is to be expected, sad, but expected.]

I don’t think its important exactly which names are to blame for the current economic situation. I do however think the corrupt idiocy that is our elected government is to blame. This fact should be readily apparent to everyone. The government meddled in the economy, the economy failed, therefore the government is to blame. Which also means we, the voters, are to blame for letting them.

It’s also important to realize failing and succeeding business ventures are a key part of a working free market economy. More government meddling in the natural process of economic evolution cannot, in the long run, improve matters.

I think McPalin could just stand on the White House lawn today and say “See? We need less government. Elect us and we’ll ensure our economic system is free to heal without more of the meddling that caused this problem.”


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