I’ve been thinking about this whole energy thing; alternative sources and whatnot. I spent all my formative years in the upper midwest and if memory serves, the wind blows there a bit. I’m pretty certain we could set up some windmills and get some power from Mother Nature.

During my last stint ‘back home’, I did some research on wind power. I called up the local power co. and spent a bit of time looking into installing a windmill. Now, most of the paperwork was abandoned during the last divorce move-out so this is all from memory and I’ll have to ballpark the numbers a bit.

It takes 1 acre of land per wind generator.
It takes less than $100k to buy a windmill.

The biggest catch in the whole deal is the insurance requirement. You can use it to power your own home no problem, but if you want to connect to the local power co. and use your windmill to send power TO the electric company you need a $1million insurance policy to protect their employees when they are on your property doing maintenance on the connection.

Now I was thinking, there’s not many people in the city who have a whole acre of land they would want to dedicate to the housing of a giant pinwheel. But, I’ve seen a few farmers and ranchers here and there who could probably find a corner acre they aren’t using for something else. I mean the government actually sends farmers money to let some of their land sit idle. I think it keeps the prices up or some such idiocy. If they use all the land, well, then there’s so much food the prices go down. Don’t want that to happen. I digress…

Let’s say there’s oh, I dunno, maybe 10K farmers and ranchers we could talk into participating. Each donates the use of an acre of dirt. I’m sure we could cut them a tax break if we had to, I mean besides the idea that they wouldn’t have to pay a whole hell of a lot for electricity. The power co.s might have to run a few lines here and there, but generally if there is a home nearby there will be powerlines nearby, so that should be minimal. If the Gov supplies the windmills and the local power co supplies the connection then the homeowner wouldn’t need any of those $1m insurance policies.

Maybe if we’re going to drill up on the north shore of Alaska, and if we’re going to build a pipeline, we could run some powerlines at the same time. I’ll bet the reindeer wouldn’t mind donating some of their dirt. There’s like wow, 1000 acres +/- up there no one’s using for much of anything. I know the wind blows a lot so you probably wouldn’t want to LIVE there or anything, but you can’t have everything.

just thinkin’ out loud…………….insomnia has it’s uses.


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