GunNuts Talk Radio


I caught the live version for the first time tonight. Nice show. It sounds like Breda got drafted, which is a good thing.

This episode covered mostly the American Hunters and Shooters Association (which is just anti-gun rights people in disguise). I’ve been rolling around the question posed on the show: ‘what damage can the anti-gunners do?’ [I apologize for not having the exact wording]

They do damage by keeping the focus on guns and off of the Bill of Rights.

The grabbers want to make the issue about guns; the difference between this gun and that gun; the difference between this ammo and that ammo; the difference between hunting and sporting. By illustrating the minor differences to the ignorant they can introduce the concept of ‘reasonable change’. For example: you can only shoot one rifle at a time, so isn’t it reasonable to limit the number in each household? To the non gunner that sounds perfectly reasonable. The grabbers can use this insidious technique to pull people off the fence and get votes for gun regulation.

The gunners want citizens to understand the issue is rights being violated. The right to keep and bear arms is just one of our rights.

In its simplest form:

-grabbers are trying to force people to do something.  End result: give away a constitutional right.

-gunners are trying to make people aware of something.  End result: maintain a constitutional right.

If you don’t want to own a gun or use a gun, don’t.  You not wanting to exercise a right guaranteed by the constitution isn’t the issue.

Forcing me to give up my rights, because you think I don’t need them, or worse, because you don’t want me to have them, is the issue.

It’s not about guns it’s about Freedom.


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