God will take care of me

I’ve recently read a bit about hurricanes and devastation and some people’s refusal to move in the face of warnings.

This brings to mind a story I heard a few years ago:

An elderly man sat home watching the news about the approaching storm. He went to the window and looked at the wet ground around his home (he lived on a slight rise so he could see for miles) and noticed the rains had completely soaked the countryside. A nearby creek was running high, nearly overflowing its banks. Many of the neighboring homes were dark; their owners having evacuated already.

A neighbor with a 4 wheel drive truck, noticing a light on in the man’s house, stopped by to offer help. The man thanked his neighbor with a smile, saying “I’m not worried, God will look after me.”

The next morning the man looked out his window at the rain and noticed the creek had flooded. His home was now an island in the midst of the water. The power was out but he listened to the weather on a battery powered radio and watched as debris washed past his home, carried on the rising flood.

Later that day a rescue volunteer in a motorboat came by, tied off to the man’s gatepost, and slogged through the mud to the porch to make sure the man had gotten evacuated safely. The man thanked the rescuer with a smile, saying “I’m not worried, God will look after me.”

The hours passed slowly and the rains continued. The next day the man was forced out onto his roof as the water reached his home and continued to rise. The man sat on his roof listening to the weather and soon a helicopter flew overhead. The helicopter lowered a rope and the men inside pleaded with him to climb up to safety. The man waved with a smile and shouted “I’m not worried, God will look after me!”

The rains continued and the flood waters rose until the man was swept away and drowned. After he died the man sought an audience with God; seeking to discover why, in spite of the man’s unshakable faith, God had allowed him to die in the storm.

said the man: “I never lost faith, I was steadfast, I believed you would protect me.”

God’s response: “Dude, what do you want from me? I sent you a truck, a boat, AND a helicopter!!”

In short,
-being able to see the storm with your eyes is a gift from God.
-being able to hear the weather report with your ears is a gift from God.
-having friends and neighbors with trucks and boats is a gift from God.

You gotta get a clue on your own. Either build an ark (directions are in the book) or move your dumb ass out of the way.


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