small state

I’ve heard some people on the idiot box talking about how Gov. Palin is unqualified to be VP Palin due to the fact she was Gov. of a small state.

m’kay… we’ll go ahead and figure they are talking about population rather than acreage.

so [via wikipedia cuz I’m too lazy to find a better source]


Population Ranked 45th in the US
– Total 864,764 (2007 est.)
– Density 442.6/sq mi 170.87/km² (Ranked 6th in the US)
– Median income $50,152 (12th)


Population Ranked 47th in the US
– Total 683,478 (2007 est.)
– Density 1.2/sq mi 0.46/km² (Ranked 50th in the US)
– Median income US$54,627 (6th)

ok so the part of our government which is based on the state’s pop. for representation is the House. AK and DE both get 1 REP. … count it 1 seat.. so the US government measures their population as equal.

m’kay then 864,764 – 683,478 = 181,286 and the US pop is a bit over 300million
if my math is right 181k is roughly equal to 0.06% of the nation’s population.

that’s um like HUGE.

oh yeah .. people in Alaska make more money per year too….

fyi Wyoming is listed at 52… behind Washington D.C (51) and Puerto Rico (27)
Wikipedia list of states & territories by pop


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