just one thing

I’ve been pacing around the house for a couple months now with an idea just kinda bouncing around in my noggin’.

I don’t know anyone .. I mean personally, (met, shook hands with, saw with my own eyes, etc), who plans to vote for Obama/Biden.

I could go on about what I think of McCain/Palin but I’ve got nothing new. I’d just be re-posting the same stuff. And I suspect, on my site, I’m probably preaching to the choir anyway.

So, I’m tossing out a lil’ challenge. If you know someone (or know someone who does) planning to vote for Obama send ’em here. I would like to know 1 good reason, just one, to vote Obama.

Now I mean a good reason. He’s a politician and if his mouth is open he’s lyin. So don’t spend your time typing in some poop that came out of his mouth. The only way to predict what WILL happen is to look at the record and see what HAS. I can look at any encyclopedia and find me a quick dozen politicians who didn’t come through on their promises after the ballots were tallied. Don’t waste my time with that crap. Look at the record and tell me something Obama’s done that’s good for us.


just one thing.


oh yeah, don’t gimme any junk about how a vote for Obama is a vote against Bush either.


I want a bona fide positive reason to vote FOR him, not some negative crap about someone else.


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