hearing voices

Digging through my RSS feeds today I read a couple posts from different places that sorta fit together, and I heard that little click in my head as the pieces fell into place.

and then I heard my Dad’s voice loud and clear:

“Leave it alone son. It’s not bothering you”

Now I know Dad is at least 800 miles away, but occasionally situations spark memories of my childhood and I get little verbal flashbacks. This particular memory centers around a varmint sittin’ in a sunny patch, a stick and a kid [me] with no fear of getting bitten or scratched. Y’all are already laughing at me aren’t ya? Dad was one to let the punishment fit the crime. He’s funny that way. He figures I’m gonna get what I deserve; random varmints don’t have a 3 strike justice system.

Well today I was reading this: Jovian Thunderbolt
immediately after which I read this: CowTown Cop

I can’t leave that alone…… gotta poke it ……..I’ll need a stick…….

word for the day: SEGUE

“to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption”

…. stop pokin’ me DAD.


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