Laws, Safety & Freedom Part – 3

I happen to believe I have the right to buy any damn thing I want to buy. If I can’t spend my money as I see fit, this country ceases to be classified as FREE. I have been to lots of places all over the world and while I have seen numerous items with DANGEROUS IF IMPROPERLY USED labels, I have yet to see the EVIL product line in any store.

I also happen to believe I can use my possessions in any manner I see fit unless my actions infringe on the rights of another citizen. If, through my actions, I harm others due to thoughtlessness or negligence (or intent) THEN I lose the right to purchase/use items.

I suggest we consider 2 concepts:

1- We need be concerned with what people DO with their possessions rather than the possessions themselves. A citizen’s decisions and actions are the issue, not inanimate objects.

2- We need be concerned with entities encroaching upon our freedom rather than forcing more limits on society.

If we blend those 2 ideas together we get people who can own anything they want and can do anything they want up to a point; THE POINT where one citizen’s activity intersects another’s.

Enter government regulation

No law keeps us safe, [LawDog posted a few months back about the power of paper armor ]. We cannot force criminals to conform. Only by removing from society those who do not respect the rules of society are we kept ‘safe’.

The point of all this is: The government keeps adding to the list of things that limit rights and freedom; when will YOU draw the line. There’s been lots of talk about the gun nuts who will use deadly force if society tries to disarm them. That’s where they are drawing the line.

When will you say “NO MORE”? Who will hear you?

Consider this thought before you draw YOUR line in the sand: The original purpose of our constitution was to ensure the limits on the government, and the freedom of the people, not the freedom of the government to limit the people.

The right to keep and bear arms was included as a failsafe. If the populace is armed, they cannot be forced by an armed government.

Our fellow citizens are the most dangerous enemy today. Apathy and Ignorance are their allies.

The care of our freedom has been entrusted to us by our forefathers. Do not squander, through apathy or ignorance, that which was so dearly purchased.


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  1. I fear my fellow citizen more than the government. The degree of apathy about the future of our rights is pronounced. More and more sit back hoping for, or possibly voting in, a nanny state, where the rich support the poor and we all sit back and TRUST.

    I’m reminded of an old Cartoon, Far Side perhaps, where some cows are standing in line at an abattoir and one of them looks to the other and says. “I hope the ride is worth the wait!”.

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