Laws, Safety & Freedom – Part 2

Do I think we all need formal training? Do we need driver’s training or parenthood classes or firearms safety? No.

[I know half of you just heard “say again?” in your head]

What we need is a high school diploma.

If I go into the Harley dealer and throw my money on the counter, instead of asking to see a driver’s license I should be able to show them my diploma.

Need a John Deere tractor? Got a diploma? yup. Sign here, come back any time Sir.

Need a Snowmobile? Chainsaw? Dynamite? Sailboat? Razor Blade? Got my diploma card right here. Sold.

OMG OMG you can’t teach all that in school, there’s too much to learn. shut up. I’m not done.

School (and parents) should teach how to recognize a dangerous tool when you see one. You should also get taught the ENGLISH language so you know how to READ THE F***ING INSTRUCTIONS; the one that says “Poison: do not take internally” or “Contains tobacco: May cause cancer”. If you can do basic reading comprehension you should be able to buy any item you want, hazardous or not, read the label and use it at a basic level of proficiency. For advanced proficiency do some research on your own [you should learn how to do research in SCHOOL], seek out others who are proficient, to learn from, and practice.

If you are thoughtless enough to drive drunk, your ability to make decisions impacting the freedoms & rights of other citizens is suspect and as a result society has a responsibility to restrict your access to other dangerous things. Can you still buy groceries? Sure. Can you live on my street? Sure. Can you buy a car? No. You’re the Mass-Transit Ranger bro. A car is a deadly weapon in the hands of a negligent driver, and you demonstrated your brain has no safety catch.

Again, we don’t need lawmakers to make more rules in an attempt to prevent stupidity from happening. We need to make the education system better. Face it friends and neighbors, stupid is gonna happen no matter what. Stupidity is a force of Nature, it’s like rain and wind.

We need less of this ‘no one left behind’ B.S. and a lot more ‘you stay here until you learn it’. Graduating underachievers is dangerous to the public. Drivers who can’t read road signs are dangerous. Parents who can’t read medicine bottles are dangerous.

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