An old army buddy of mine once said, “I wasn’t born here in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could”. Which pretty much sums up my situation here as well. I’m an import. He says a lot of stuff, if you want you can check his journal/blog you-know-jack

I was raised in the northern midwest about 30 miles from the Mississippi River. I made some phone calls this week to catch up with the family and friends who got left behind when I moved out and they’re having some nasty weather up there; floods, tornadoes, rain, wind, etc. There are towns with no power and some mass evacuations in my old stomping grounds this week.

Everything seems pretty much under control and my blood pressure is going down to just over normal. Its hard to be 900 miles away and not be able to help out. Also its not every day you can fish from the courthouse lawn.

Then I see this:
CNN Weather

Now I’m gonna be up all night waiting not so patiently for the phone to ring or maybe for the news to release some names. Since I’m not gonna get any sleep I’m looking at the bookshelf for something I haven’t read over and over. Behold, the KJV Bible. Seems the one book gramma told me to read remains half done. Kids are like that. GranKids are worse cuz they’re like that AND hopped up on sugar coated goodies.

People talk about God’s divine plan; I’m thinking there’s gotta be a better target to drop a tornado on than a Boy Scout camp. I know there’s a lot to keep track of when you are listening to prayers and all, but why not take out a meth lab or something?

I realize 4 people died, I’m not trying to be flippant, they could be people I know. All I’m wondering is who’s running the show up there and if people have to die why not drop a tornado on a prison?

Perhaps someday I’ll know why, or be able to ask in person. In the meantime, I need to dust off this book and research how to build an ark ……..


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